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Grow Your List, Or Make Money With The Cheatsheets You Can Create In 30 Seconds With Our Brand New Online App!

Cheat Sheet Generator SaaS Review


What Is Cheat Sheet Generator SaaS Review?


Grow Your List, Or Make Money With The Cheatsheets You Can Create In 30 Seconds With Our Brand New Online App!


Hello and welcome to the Official Cheatsheet Generator

This our new edition of Cheatsheet Generator, and this time we can finally offer an online app that is compatible with PC, Mac, tablets, and cell phones! That’s why this year we call our software: Cheatsheet Generator SaaS.
This is the greatest news ever because this is the best tool to build a list or to start any product funnel. Over the years, we used this tool to get thousands of new subscribers.
That’s why a cheat sheet is always up-to-date, now and in the next years, and because people are tired of seeing eBooks, reports, or long videos. They want something that takes minutes, not hours.
And here we have the best solution for you and your customers.
The front-end is the classic software, without limitations, that gives to your customers the chance to create cheatsheets inserting just a keyword and their name. Available online, the biggest news ever for this launch. This sells for $17 with 50% commissions, and after 24 hours the price will start to go up in dimesale.
The OTO1 is the white label version of the software, that could be installed on a URL by the customer, or resold. It sells for $27 at 50% commissions.
The OTO2 is the Deluxe Version of Cheatsheet Generator SaaS and provides more options to the customer, that can enter links manually to turn the cheatsheet into something unique and also good for auto-promotion. It sells for $37 at 50% commissions.
The OTO3 is the Deluxe Version available with white label rights, to give your customers more chances to make money with it by reselling the app to final users. It sells for $47 at 50% commissions.
We hope to count you in on this big launch!
Thanks so much and see you on the leaderboard,
Alessandro Zamboni & Dirk Wagner

All right so here I am, I just downloaded – I just downloaded my cheat sheet generator and I cheat sheet empire from Alessandra Zamboni. So when he came out the cheat sheet generator, I really wanted to get it because I thought it would be really sweet to kind of automate the process of creating these cheat sheets.

I think they’re, make great bonuses for products as an affiliate. Marketer, I think and make great bonuses – and I just I just thought would be very useful, so I wanted to get the generator, so I just got it and I just downloaded it here.

I want to show it’s funny because, like the first couple times, I downloaded this. Actually, let me just Excel that download software. Now. Look at that see see that I downloaded it and it says the one-page zip is not commonly downloaded and may be dangerous.

So I’m. Not I’m, not gonna. I’m, not going to discard it, but I got ta tell you as an affiliate like someone who wants to promote this course man. This is a red flag for me because I can’t it’s hard. For me to promote a product that’s gonna, do this a lot of people I’ll, send to this product and when they buy it, and they get this, they’re gonna be like whoa.

What the heck and they’re gonna discard it and they’re gonna ask for a refund that’s. What’s gonna happen? So it really discourages me that this is like this and I’m going to keep it and I’m gonna show in folder, and now I got my Windows Defender is saying, found some malware Windows Defender, removing it uh.

What is happening? This is the kind of stuff that ‘ S happened that bugs me so history quarantined items. So this is the uh. This is the detected item I’m. Guessing 443 is 437 436. First time I tried to download.

This is what happened, and I decided I want to do a little screen capture and show you guys what was happening. The program could not find them our potentially. I want to offer on this computer, so alright.

So basically, what I got to do is I got ta. Allow items alright, alright, so so what we’re gonna do. Is we’re gonna try again let’s. Try again let’s. Keep it alright there. It is alright antivirus warning, so the people who download this if they can get it like if they get this far.

As far as I got, gonna take a leap of faith right, a lot of them are not probably gonna get. This far, that’s, a problem. Your antivirus program may not recognize the software and give you a fault a virus morning.

It says a false pause which is no touch your computer. The software contains a built-in functionality, call home verify software registration plus. It requires an open internet connection that you’ll, be watch videos.

The antivirus program may be set to suspicious of any new executable programs. It doesn’t recognize, you can add the software to your exception list, a lot of program antivirus. You’re, absolutely safe guaranteed.

The problem is with a new person. Picking this program up, we’re, not gonna go, for you are absolutely safe, guaranteed. Some of them might a lot of them all. I don’t, be like yo. I don’t trust this guy.

I don’t know what’s going on here. I’m deleting all this stuff and getting a refund. You know people get freaked out about viruses and stuff man, so it’s. It’s, not a good thing. It’s, a bad thing, so anyways that’s, a problem anyways, let’s.

Go ahead and start this thing up strike: go ahead, open this thing up and see what happens all right there. It is it’s like it’s installed, so here it is so it’s, fun. It’s like it’s installed it’s. Just an application here looks like so.

Let’s go ahead and when I try to open it windows protected your PC Windows Defender, smart screen prevented an unrecognized app from starting run. This app might put your PC at risk more info. Let’s run anyway, so here’s, another red flag, alright, so this might, you know, keep a lot of people from opening it up.

You know when their virus stuff starts going off, it might make them upset. So I don’t know. I really wanted to use this. I think it would be really cool, but you know as far as promoting it. It might be difficult because there’s, a lot of little red flags.

Ok now I got some stuff here, all right cool all right. Let me go ahead and pause. This video guys I’m gonna enter my registration key. I don’t know what my registration key is right. Now I’m gonna have to look on the download page or check my email.

I’m guessing it. If you’re asked to enter every time. You start it’s, because the permissions give this program. We’re, not high enough. Try clicking the program icon and choose run as administrator; ok, alright! So that’s.

Fine, some people who do this kind of stuff, aren’t even gonna know how to do that. So that’s, a problem too, and then they’re gonna have to enter this crap in every time. It’s. Gon na be a pain in the butt that’s.

Ok, whatever let me go ahead and pause. This video find this information and I’ll. Tell you guys wherever I found it? Ok, so the answer for the registration code is in this little readme file. When you open the software the first time you have to enter a registration code in case you didn’t request it.

Yet you have to click the button. Don’t have a key which redirects you to the forum. Ok, now I went ahead and I entered the key and now I’m at this screen right here. Let me close some of these windows, so you guys can kind of get a better feel for what’s going on okay.

So here I am here’s, my page generator. You know what I’m, just gonna get rid of some of this stuff. Let’s, get rid of some of this stuff. Let me just get rid of some of this stuff boom. It’s good. So let’s, get rid of some of this stuff man.

You know, I mean seriously. Alright, alright business name enter your business name. Alright, let’s. Do it alright enter your details above once she cheats. The name you enter will be shown at the bottom, the cheat sheet in the copyright section perfect now it looks like we got a little thing here.

Is this upgraded deluxe version? I have to admit I’m in kind of a bad mood about this whole thing. Just because I’m, like seven eight minutes into this, and like I just not figured out how to get to the actual software, because all that virus stuff now you know, I’ve, had a lot of dealings with Alessandro.

I don’t know who Dirk is, but I knew I was Sandro and I know he’s, a trustworthy guy and I’m. I’m willing to take some chances and some shots, because I know him, and I know this is cool, but I don’t know I can’t guarantee that anybody I send to the sales page is gonna.

Feel the same way so that’s, the problem anyways that’s. Where I’m at now. I think the reason why my computer finally was okay with it. It’s because I had to go to my Windows Defender and I had to list that Trojan as being okay.

I had to list it as okay, which is kind of what the little readme file said to do, but still it makes you feel kind of kind of funky anyways. So the first thing I’m going to do is I’m gonna go in here, and I’m gonna put my name down right, cool, okay.

Now the next is saying your niche. Alright, you have to add unit here. You have you have as you mr. teuchi should be created for please use capital letters, weight, loss, marketing, diet, doctors, okay, we’re gonna go affiliate, marketing and browse for folder destination for creation, all right cool.

All right, let’s. Just put this new folder in here. How about that make a new folder cheap, all right rename sheet. She example: we’ll, call it cheese, okay, okay, all right cool finished Wow! That’s.

All I had to do what what am i don’t want look what is happening here. I don’t understand. Let ‘ S, see see the cheat sheet. Okay, this cheat sheet is a time saver, which allows you to more effectively research, affiliate marketing.

You can become an expert on okay, that’s. Interesting. All I had to do is enter in a keyword and it created this cheat sheet. For me, it’s, a one-page cheat sheet. I guess – and this is an HTML file, so okay, so that’s, interesting.

So what I have to do so, apparently there was a if I, if I look back in my if I look back on all those files, they have an HTML link to get to an online HTML to PDF Converter, but I think I can just I can Just find that I’m, pretty sure should be pretty easy.

Okay, let’s. Just let’s find this file here. Example right cool I got it got my uh cut. This put it on my cheat sheet example see. Let’s, see what I got here here’s, the PDF version of it alright. So here’s, what it looks like as a PDF.

So apparently, I think the niche that you put in there is what your cheat sheet is going to be about. So, if I say latest affiliate marketing news on social media news, I go to like Google News. I click on that.

Let’s, see what happens here. Okay, so I get a fully marketing and I get I get some stuff all right so that alright, that’s, alright interesting information on the affiliate marketing, so this is just search engine stuff.

Some reason these links right here artwork that, firstly, didn’t work, affiliate marketing, so simply just search results on bing, okay and then Yahoo, affiliate marketing, interesting information on affiliate marketing latest news.

This first one doesn’t work. Google News it doesn’t even work. What the Twitter thing I just I don’t know it’s, just not top-selling products on affiliate marketing. I go to Aliexpress one of the top selling products on affiliate marketing.

Is you know, factories, City, Street European market model building blocks set all the stuff more popular? I don’t like this. This is not very good. This is not very good. Let’s. Try this again. I think that okay, so what does this prove so far? I think what this proof so far is, I think, what this proof so far is you know you’re gonna have to be careful what you type in here.

It’s, not going to be very good results. I typed in affiliate marketing and it just wasn’t very good results. I mean it was just like a bunch of search engine results. Basically, you know I don’t. I don’t feel like that’s worth $ 17.

This isn’t worth 17 bucks. I don’t feel like this is worth 17 bucks. I mean to me, I still see it. I mean no offense against anybody. Personally, I’m, just not feeling it. If I go up what I find a scare like I mean you guys know what it’s going to be whatever I type in that’s.

Gon na be like it’s, gonna be searched in quotations and all these different places. So I mean it’s like if I got a you know, I got ta type in something like I’ll, say no uh effect all right type in that great cheat sheet.

Like a cheesy example, at the same place, I mean it’s, so cool that it doesn’t so fast, but it’s. Just it’s, just not very good. Okay, that’s. The affiliate marketing one there that’s, not there. It is so there’s.

My and I just want to see here’s. Another example the cheat sheet. Well, this time it actually pulled something up on the Google News. It’s, just search engine results, it’s. Not really. I don’t think it’s.

Really that great I mean honestly, not with all the freaking Nautilus. What’s? This is the Facebook thing broken on my other one yeah, the Facebook thing’s broken what if I didn’t login for you got okay, so I just logged into Facebook.

I want to come back to my cheat sheet. I want to see if this Facebook thing works. When I’m logged in and yeah it does look like it’s work, oh wow! Look who showed up stuff for me! Oh, that’s good. So the Facebook thing works.

I don’t know guys here’s. What it is that’s, what it is it’s, a cheat sheet. It’s, a time saver which allows you to more effectively research Mandela effect. Then you can become an expert on it. Okay, I mean I don’t know I mean it’s.

It’s. Alright, I see copyright epic conversions, so I think down here you need to put the year down here. If you want to make it look a little bit more official so like. If we do this again, we’ll, go all the way back to here, actually, just like that and then uh, let me just okay, I think let’s.

Try this UFC podcasts, something like that. How about this yeah like that see what happens? Okay, all right, so UFC, podcasts, chichi, alright, so cool! We got Yossi podcasts for the win. Okay, so it is what it is.

It is what it is it’s, it’s, a bunch of links to different stuff. I mean I guess it could save you some time. I guess it could save you some time and there there’s, the how I was talking about guys: copyright 2017, epic conversions.

So I don’t know it’s. Alright, I’m, not super impressed. Not super impressed, I feel a little I don’t like it. I’m. Not gonna promote this anyways. It could be, could help some people I don’t know I you know.

I think that this is one of those situations where you just can’t leave everything in the hands of a piece of software. The results aren’t that great personally, I think, if you had the right keyword, you could do some pretty good stuff.

You can do some pretty good stuff. I think that I think that the main problem is okay. Like look, let’s. Take this affiliate marketing cheat sheet! Okay! If I wanted to put together good cheat sheet, wouldn’t, it be better wouldn’t, it be better if, instead of saying like top-selling products on affiliate marketing, oh instead of saying interesting information on the filler marketing, it wouldn’t be better if, instead of going to searching just like this, it actually linked to some actual like articles or some actual videos or some actual podcast.

I think that would be better. I think that would just be better and you don’t, get that with this all right. That’s me personally, you combine that what you know and like I can’t. I mean I guess I could go in and edit the HTML file, because what I did, because what I get is an HTML file so, and I’d, have to edit this HTML file.

If I want to, if I want to edit things right, I’d, have to edit it. You know, I want to make it better. Like some of the stuff there’s, no results like this UFC podcast. If I click along like eBay, there’s, not gonna be a UFC podcast on eBay.

So we could, we could say: oh wow, you didn’t, enter a good keyword that keywords to specific yeah. You could say that, but the fact is, if I wanted to do a cheat sheet on like UFC podcasts. Some of these things would have to come off of here.

Like this, like you know, the Aliexpress one needs to come off this whole top selling products probably needs to come off the whole section behind needs to go depending on my keyword. Some of these things need to come off of here and I probably need to add some things.

So then it comes into me having to edit some HTML crap and I’m. You know, I guess I could probably pull up an online WYSIWYG editor, where I could do that. You know, but at that point, what’s, the point of the software at that point? Why not? Why wouldn’t? I just be doing it myself.

You know why not just do it myself at that point, it would be easier and faster for me just to do the cheat sheet by hand, then that added all this freaking software and find a WYSIWYG editor to edit this crap, so so on this one, I’m gonna have to pass on this one I can’t promote this one.

It just doesn’t. Do it for me. Maybe you’re out there and you’re watching and you’re thinking. You know what I can find a use for that. I think that would work for me and, if so more power to you me, I’m gonna pass on this one.

Sorry Alessandra, you’re, a good dude, but this one’s. Just not for me. I’ll have to give us a thumbs down and uh. I’ll, see you guys in the next one see

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Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.

Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text ever since the 1500s, when an unknown printer took a galley of type and scrambled it to make a type specimen book. It has survived not only five centuries, but also the leap into electronic typesetting, remaining essentially unchanged.